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Lorin Maazel 1930-2014  

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The world-renowned conductor, composer, and mentor, Maestro Lorin Maazel, devoted more than 75 years of his life to music making.


A second-generation American, born in Paris on March 6, 1930, Lorin Maazel began violin lessons at age five and conducting lessons at age seven. He studied with Vladimir Bakaleinikoff, and appeared publicly for the first time at age eight. Between ages nine and fifteen, he conducted most of the major American orchestras, including the NBC Symphony at the invitation of Arturo Toscanini. In the course of his decades-long career, Maestro Maazel conducted more than 150 orchestras in no fewer than 5,000 opera and concert performances. He has made more than 300 recordings, including symphonic cycles of complete orchestral works by Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy, Mahler, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, and Richard Strauss, winning ten Grands Prix du Disques.

Maestro Maazel was also a highly regarded composer, with a wide-ranging catalog of works written primarily over the last 15 years. His first opera, 1984, based on George Orwell’s literary masterpiece, had its world premiere at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and a sold-out revival at La Scala, Milan. During his career, Maestro Maazel served as Artistic Director of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and General Manager of the Vienna State Opera, as Music Director of the Radio Symphony of Berlin, the Symphony Orchestra of the Bavarian Radio, the Pittsburgh Symphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Munich Philharmonic, and the New York Philharmonic.  In the last year, he maintained an active conducting schedule, leading 111 concerts in 2013 alone, from Oman to Munich.  A true citizen of the world, fluent in seven languages, Maestro Maazel led orchestras and performances around the globe. He viewed music as a bridge-builder. During his career, he worked in East Berlin and the former Soviet Union. In February 2008, he and the New York Philharmonic visited Pyongyang, North Korea, to perform a concert broadcast on North Korean state television, airing live internationally. “I have always believed that the arts, per se, and their exponents, artists, have a broader role to play in the public arena. But it must be totally apolitical, nonpartisan, and free of issue-specific agendas. It is a role of the highest possible order; bringing peoples and their cultures together on common ground, where the roots of peaceful interchange can imperceptibly but irrevocably take hold,” he wrote in the Wall Street Journal in 2008.  The North Korean defector singer Ji Hae Nam told CNN's Christiane Amanpour that the concert was: "an opportunity for North Korean people to realize that America is not as bad as they've learned."


In addition to conducting and composing, Maestro Maazel was an avid reader and lover of literature, a student of philosophy, astronomy, and math, a film buff, and fierce ping-pong player. He wrote short fiction, watched his fair share of tennis (rare was the U.S. Open he didn't catch on TV) and listened for pleasure to all kinds of music, especially Tony Bennett. Maestro Maazel was also an ardent fan of technology and engaged with tens of thousands of fans through blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  


With his wife, Dietlinde Turban Maazel, he founded the Castleton Festival in 2009 and has held annual summer performances and training seminars since then at state-of-the-art venues they built on his Virginia farm. Knowing the value of mentoring he himself benefited from as a youth, Maestro Maazel established the Castleton Festival with a mission: it would be a “vista-opener,” in his words, an opportunity to nurture young musicians through mentoring and performing, to draw audiences to performances showcasing young talent, and to bring fresh energy to classical music alongside established artists such as Denyce Graves and Sir James Galway.


The Castleton Festival is Maestro Maazel’s legacy.  As the music soared, he rejoiced in seeing young players, singers, and conductors be transported to unimagined realms. Addressing the audience at the June 28, 2014 opening night of the Castleton Festival, Maestro Maazel described working with the young orchestra and singers as a “more than a labor of love – a labor of joy.”



1930 - 2014

指挥家马泽尔病逝 去年天津“首演”成“永别”

2014-07-15 07:56:15 来源: 每日新报(天津) 0人参与



网易娱乐7月15日报道 北京时间7月14日凌晨,享誉世界的指挥大师洛林·马泽尔因肺炎并发症于美国弗吉尼亚州家中病逝,享年84岁。马泽尔去世的消息最初由美国卡斯尔顿音乐节官网发布。据悉,去世前他还为一年一度的音乐节做紧张筹备。马泽尔生前曾十余次来华演出,是中国乐迷最为熟悉并喜爱的指挥大师之一,而去年他在天津的“首演”没想到竟成“永别”,引发乐迷沉痛哀悼。





马泽尔还有一“最”,就是超级喜欢来中国,据不完全统计,包括非演出行程,大师曾15次来到中国。不过,马泽尔去年才“意外”奉上自己的天津首演,原定由指挥里卡多·穆蒂率芝加哥交响乐团在天津大剧院献艺,却因穆蒂突发疾病而临时换将,“83岁的马泽尔为72岁的穆蒂救场”一度成为当时盛传的佳话。马泽尔还为天津破例,出席了平时不会现身的新闻发布会,看似不怒自威的大师用自己的幽默给媒体留下深刻印象,他调皮地说:“尽管我已经80多岁了,但可以说天津的演出也是我的 首演 哦。”聊及惊人的背谱能力,他还狡黠一笑:“这次巡演总谱丢了,所以我必须背谱演出了。”那时看着年过八旬在指挥台上潇洒依旧激情犹在的马泽尔,明知道这样的演出看一场少一场了,但依旧盼着他再度来津的观众们,没想到大师的天津首演竟最终成为一场永别。

马泽尔的离世震动世界乐坛,与大师有过合作的中国音乐人纷纷沉痛哀悼。得知噩耗时正在纽约工作室看球的谭盾表示:“我的偶像、世界音乐大师马泽尔刚刚逝去……在他生命的最后几年,一直来中国,按他自己的话说 是活在中国音乐未来的兴奋中 ……伟大的朋友、师长,永別了。”而身在巴西世界杯决赛现场的郎朗也发微博缅怀:“很荣幸与他有过30场音乐会的合作,2002年9月他接手纽约爱乐乐团后的第一周音乐会时,坚信用我作为钢琴独奏,并随乐团全球巡演。他对我的提拔和支持,我将永生难忘!”著名歌唱家廖昌永说:“与大师在歌剧《茶花女》和《塞维利亚理发师》的合作中,大师的优雅、幽默、孩子气……都还历历在目,像昨天一样……大师安息。”很多乐迷则不禁感叹:仅仅时隔半年,两位世界指挥大师阿巴多和马泽尔相继离世,似乎正代表着一个大师时代的谢幕。

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